I added this back in September 2014 and some were requested by me and others previously


Colors Blue for Done, Red for not done, Orange for Somewhat done


Items to include in Tablo


Resume Recordings

            When/If Tablo reboots/restarts during a recording, the Tablo MUST start recording once back up. 

            Without this ability I believe there is a very large gap between Tablo and competitors.

            This has happened to me multiple times and Tablo should just handle it and should have been part of

            "Smart Recording". Sorry guys, but in my opinion, this should have been day 1

Buffering on Live TV needs to be cut down

            I understand it is streaming and there has to be some file info in order to do this.

            I also understand there may be buffering if the file is not large enough

            However, this needs to be cut in half at least. Currently takes 15 seconds at a minimum

            The ability to surf channels is non-existent with Tablo currently


Unified Experience - Getting Close

            Application should have same look and feel across technology

            In other words, when I move from browser to iOS to Android to Roku I should have the same experience. One should not

            be different from another. Consistency


Admin access to Settings

            I don't want my kids or wife or anyone making modifications to the settings


Sync speed - Somewhat has been sped up

            This has been brought up over and over in the forums

            This has to be improved. It can currently take a very long time. 

            When I say long time, that could be 30 seconds or 5 minutes. Depends on the device

            But, trying to move family/friends to Tablo is hard when they have to wait for any length of time

            Try to explain to a non technical user why they have to wait when every other device is fast

Supported hard drives should be prevalent on the Tablo FAQ or home page - Better but not 100%

            Too many times people post in the community that they purchased a hard drive

            and it is not supported. This and maybe even Antenna should be included as a pre-purchase

            page information?




Fast Forward/Rewind user configurable

            I can't tell you how important this is, but many people want to fast forward a minute, others 10 seconds, some 15, etc

            This is why Tivo even has a hack for the remote in order to change the default.

            Also, HAS to be across applications as well


Start/Stop recording x number of minutes before/after - Although some things have been done, not user configurable

            This HAS to be user configurable when you set a show to record. 

            NOT in some Manual screen but on the recording of any show. 

            Manual currently is pretty useless unless you know the exact show/channel/times.

            This has to be MUCH easier to do than currently implemented manual recording         


Expire recordings

            Allow the user to set the expiration dates of recordings

            This should be global and also on individual/season of recordings

            As an example, global would say keep recordings for x number of days, then on individual/season can be overridden

            I know there is delete recording functionality built into "Smart Recording", but it is currently 

            only based on disk space. We should be able to control this a lot better

Max Number of recordings

            Set the maximum number of episodes of a particular show to record

            Again this should be USER configurable should be a Tablo over all value and possibly per show/season


Live TV Timeline extension

            Allow me to scroll right for the same amount of guide data I have   

            There are many times I am in Live TV and would love to scroll farther ahead so I can set a recording past the current

            24 hours.

            This is also the first thing people think is an issue with all guide data not downloaded when they first

            get their Tablo

Record live show

            If I am watching a show, I should be able to click a button someplace to record what I am currently 

            watching instead of needing to exit and click record. This should include whatever is saved from when I started 



Ability to Record from the Recordings screen. 

            Example, I record a single show of some show just to see if I like what I see. 

            When I am finished watching I should be able to record all/record new/or even a single show at that point.


Support AC3 pass through

            Many people have requested this


Sorting of shows

            Tablo should allow me to sort the shows by name/channel/date aired/date recorded/etc on all screens available

            This should be in all Apps; Roku/iOS/Android/Web/etc          


Display of shows

            Tied into sorting of shows,

            I don't always need the big icons, give us show names, small icons, etc

            Air date/Recording date/etc


Support all browsers - I know some work has been done, but not there yet

            I know browser technology is not 100% compatible

            But, there should be a way to support the top browsers


Support reboot remotely

            Yes I know there are times that a hard reboot is required.

            But, I have my Tablo sitting in a spot that requires me to climb a ladder

            So, when there are issues where a soft reboot would fix it, this would be a lot easier


iOS app should show Live TV Name

            This should only be until hidden, but currently if you change shows you don't know the name unless you exit 

            out back to the guide

Add ability to download shows

            This would be a huge plus for Tablo

            Allow me to download the shows for watching later on an iPad/Phone/Etc


% of Recording now

            When I am recording a show, in the recording screen I would like to see how much of a show has been recorded

            As an example, 10% of show recorded. Or at least, a consistent standard across all applications



Delete when done

            When I have watched a recording ask me if I want to delete.

            It is not user friendly to have to back out, find the episode and then click delete twice

Access from anywhere - Some may argue Tablo Connect is there, but not for browser that has not first "Paired"

            I am out of the home without my current web browser or app

            You know my Tablo's now because the Subscription service is up.

            Let me watch from anywhere. Of course this means I need to login to do so 


Delete entire show

            I should be able to delete an entire show instead of just episode by episode. 

            Very tedious and again not user friendly


Deleted section

            So when I click delete it is only marked as deleted

            This way I can go back and restore my deleted show because I forgot to let someone else watch

            The Tablo should then delete the "Marked for Delete" shows after x days (User configurable) or delete

            permanently from that screen.

            Also allow a delete all now button on that screen.

Apps for major smartphone suppliers - Somewhat but not 100%

            Yes, I know this has been asked for, but just reiterating the request


Live TV/Recorded and Look at Guide

            Similar to what the Browser App does. I can watch a show and look at the guide.

            Would be even nicer if I could actually watch the show instead of minimizing while looking

            at the guide info.


* Closed Captioning - Getting much better but not 100%

            Needs to be worked on


Warning/Error messages

            When I go into Tablo interface if an error has happened such as reboot, error recording, etc I would

            like to be notified in the user interface.

            And even further, email or some other type of notification




Search by Actor or other show data

            The ability to search for a show by actor would be nice as well as anything else


Web Browser name of show needs to be hidden

            Just like the controls at the bottom go away, so should the top that takes up screen space.


Name of Tablo on the screen someplace

            For those of us with multiple Tablos we need to know which one we are on.

            As an example, I don't want to set recordings on the one my wife uses and vice versa  


Preview of frames

            When fast forwarding allow viewing of frames like Netflix/Amazon/etc


Support multiple users

            Similar to how Netflix allows multiple users so I can see shows I recorded or all recordings. This also

            would allow a specific user to restart a show where they left off.

Play all episodes

            The ability to play episodes one after another

            This is quite popular nowadays and I think this should be on the TODO list for sure


Support multiple Tablos as Parent Child relationship

            Now this might get even more difficult

            But, If I have (and I do) a 2 tuner Tablo and a 4 tuner Tablo, allow me to schedule shows across them

            As an example, I go into guide and schedule a show but all 4 tuners are taken up at that time. Well

            then the parent/child could say oh I have a tuner you can use. That way I actually have a 6 tuner Tablo.

            I know this is me dreaming, but it would be nice to think about the possibility of this.